Strongman Nick Best

Strongman-Nick Best teaches how to build a good grip!(MUST see)

Strongman-Nick Best teaches how to build a good grip!(MUST see)

GRIP is important in almost all aspects of lifting!

This video will teach you how to develop a good grip in less than 5 minutes.

The following video content is the most powerful strongman who nick best, also known as the grandfather of the strongman, introduces how to train GRIP quickly and effectively.

Hey, everybody, welcome back to another video, and today we’re going to cover grip training and the importance of it.

The importance of grip in real life, it affects everything that you do. When you’re carrying groceries, when you’re doing strongman contests, when you do powerlifting meets, a lot of these things, there’s particular events, or just things in life that you need to have a good grip for. So the importance of that is huge, I mean it literally can make the difference between winning and losing, or even life and death in some situations.

When you’re grabbing a whole bit of Gi in Jiujitsu and they can’t break your grip, it makes a massive difference. Or when you grab somebody’s wrist in Jiujitsu, same type of thing.

So one of the best ways to train grip is to use straps only when necessary in your training. So if you do rows and machines in the gym, stuff like that, don’t ever use any grip assistance until you absolutely need it. That goes a long way I know Eddie Hall does that in almost all of his training at the gym, he only use straps when he absolutely has to or when he needs to pull something for a lot of reps, or he’s pulling something really heavy. Then he would use straps but other than that he won’t use straps.

Brian Shaw also very similar, myself very similar, I’ll use straps but I’ll use them when I get to weights that you actually needed for and I want to focus on the body part and not on my grip.

But that being said, I’ll do very heavy farmers walks which really make your grip strong, and those I won’t demonstrate today, because we’ll have to go outside and do that. It’s currently raining here in Las Vegas which that never happens, which it’s really strange. But also another one will be the gym training part of the stuff I was talking about earlier, won’t be really demonstrating that Dylan might be able to pull some file footage or just understand that that’s something you do.

Now I will be showing you some stuff here, the next one you’ll be doing fat bar or the end of a bar, kind of like single-handed lifts you’re gonna pick it up and hold it for a couple seconds and then set it down, you do like three sets of five of that with a two inch into the bar and it will really get your grip good.

Another thing that’s gonna be really good is almost like a hand curl where you put 45 pound plates in your hands and you kind of squeeze your fingers up, and you do that for about 25 reps, you do two to three sets of these and then you hold it at the end of the 25 reps for at least a minute, you try to hold it as long as you can, but a minute’s a pretty good standard, if you can get to a minute, your grip’s actually really good.

And then the last thing I would do to work my grip is I have access to hundred pound plates. I put the hundred pound plates on my fingertips, and I try to hold those for time I only do one set of those, and that’ll really make your grip stronger.

Also there’s things like arm over arm truck pull, where you’re sitting down and you’re pulling the truck to you with a two inch rope, that will make your grip very very strong.

So I hope that helps. Check it out and give those things a try and as always Train hard , Train smart, and Be the best you can be.

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Strongman-Nick Best teaches how to build a good grip!(MUST see)

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