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World’s Strongest Man 2020 Updates, Drama, and More…

World’s Strongest Man 2020 Updates, Drama, and More...

The video below is for Nick Best (the world’s strongest man, also known as the grandfather of the strong man) to talk about World’s Strongest Man 2020: updates, drama and more…

Hey everybody, welcome back to another video today. I’m going to cover like all the fun and adventures that we had, at world’s strongest man 2020 this year. Some of the things were really cool, some were a little dramatic, and all in all, it was an amazing show to be at and watch.

All right, so about three weeks ago, just as I’m going to get stem cells done at bio accelerator, I get a phone call asking if I’d like to be the equipment tester, and you know possibly referees to some degree, or you know be an alternate world strongest man and I was like, yeah,sure, that that sounds great. I’m in, I’ll be there, no problem, so I really didn’t get too much of a chance to train. I just go for a good time, plus this gives me my 10th world’s strongest man appearance and puts me into a pretty elite group. There’s actually fewer people that have done world’s strongest man 10 times or more, than have actually won the show.

So it’s a neat little group to be in. So I’m really excited about that. First off we get there and everybody’s gotta pass their Covid tests then you gotta go quarantine. Turns out two of the guys failed before they even left, two guys had gotten hurt, so there’s already fought four alternates in. And there was a couple of us left at worlds, and then two guys feel Covid there and got sent home. So now all of a sudden, I’m in, I’m like Okay, because Kong’s like, hey you got your kit? I’m like, of course, you told me to bring it. So I got it, cause good because, you’re in! I’m like, sweet.

So, I was really excited about that, didn’t expect much, just want to go out and have fun, get to talk to and handle a lot of the younger guys, and help coach and teach, especially walking through the worst for first world strongest man. Because it could be a little awkward at first, it’s not run like any other strong man contest on the planet, and it’s a lot of hurry up and wait, and it’s a lot of waiting for things to get set up and stuff like that and you’ve got to know how to warm up, and you got to know to conduct yourself and what to worry about, what not to worry about, and understand at the end of the day, if you need more time to warm up, it’s about you, and you can take that time.

You don’t have to be afraid even though they’re in a hurry. But you still need to do your business. So, that was like a really cool thing and a really neat thing. I mean Evan Singleton and Gabe Pena and Bobby Thompson and getting to hang around with these guys was a lot of fun for me. I really had a ball with you all, and it was a blast. It was great seeing Jerry, and seeing how well Jerry did this year. And JF Caron hanging out with Martins and there’s some things that you’ll see with Martins.

I mean we got hit by a hurricane, we got hit literally by a hurricane, and there’s some video of Martins and I going out to check it out at night. And I think Dylan’s going to splice that in, so you get to see it. The wind’s all blown sideways and we were protected because it was hitting the other side of the building so we could walk out and take a look at it and the rain’s just going sideways, the wind’s blowing and it was definitely an interesting experience for me to be in, my first hurricane.

But that was day the contest got delayed, so we were supposed to start that day. They moved everything indoors and which turned out to be one of the best conditions we’ve ever had to compete in the world’s strongest man. Because all the floors were flat, although everything was stable, we were out of the sun, no heat stroke, had controlled weather. It was just one of the most amazing experiences, plus the studio lights and the way it looked. It just looked amazing. It was a heck of a lot of fun. So, that was really neat. I’m glad we got to experience that.

Next, move on to the final. You know and watching Novlikov just get after it, I mean the speed he has is just incredible and he’s ungodly strong and he’s just no another one of those guys that showed you. You don’t have to be six foot eight and 400 plus pounds to win the title. You just have to be the best athlete on that day and he came out and literally he , over those two days, he was the best athlete hands down. I mean he he got what he deserved. He worked, he earned it, he got it. And I was very impressed by especially his mannerisms, the way control conducts himself, and the way he talks and, just the way he acts. It was very impressive. He acts wise, well beyond his years, so it was really neat refreshing to see.

Tom Stoltman is an unbelievable talent. The things I saw him do this week were, that was just incredible. I mean I see a very bright future for him. I can see him winning more than one title in time. I’ve never seen somebody do stones like that, it’s just happened so it was  pretty cool.

JF Caron was in a position, in a great position, to actually take the title as well. But one thing kind of held him back. But man, I’ve never seen him that good and I’ve seen him in a lot of shows. He was far and away the best I’ve ever seen him, and it was really neat to get to see him hang out and catch up with him.

It was great to hang out with Terry Hollands and I’ll cover something that Terry and I went through later on, but it was great to see Terry and all the guys from England and Graham Hicks and all the guys. It was a lot of fun. I mean it’s like going to a family reunion, the best way I can explain it. Once a year you get to go hang out with guys that you see periodically during the year but not all everybody all at once. So it’s pretty cool.

Robert was a lot of fun hanging out with, but Robert’s always fun to hang around with. And Eddie, Eddie’s always out of control but he’s a lot of work now, which is justifiably so. But he’s still just out of control and a lot of fun to hang around with.

We got a picture with a little Brian doll, that’s just hilarious and I’ll probably post that to Instagram in a couple days. But I mean, all in all, it was great. Brian didn’t hang out with Brian getting to compete in the heat. With Brian was a lot of fun. Getting to help Brian during the show was also really neat, a lot of fun. He’s still one of the most impressive athletes you could ever want to witness and watch compete. It just wasn’t his year and that’s just how it is, you know, I just really love this sport.

I just enjoy for the most part the way we all get along and the way we all band together as a team which brings me to one of the more dramatic parts of the show was, of course, we all got Covid-tested every day and on the eighth day that we were there, because we’re in the bubble so we’re not exposed to anybody else we’re only around each other. And the eighth day, there was like two false positives, and one of the guys we were waiting the last day of competition. And we were already like an hour and a half behind, but we could also see everything was all set up and the athlete took it upon himself to let us all know, what the situation was and what was going on. And it was really cool of him to do that and athlete came back and tested negative on two PCR tests and a quick test first and then two PCRs afterwards and was cleared to go to the competition that he was Covid-free.

There was two false positives that day for a couple of the athletes. Well, he put that into a group chatter that only the athletes are in, so that we only knew and somebody took that and took a screenshot of it and sent it to Julian with the world’s strongest fan and he managed to post that to social media and it was really one of the most uncool unethical and rotten things I’ve ever seen done. Now Julian was also getting updated as the events were going on and pictures were being taken and those were getting posted and it got the producers of world’s strongest men looking into, they’re gonna go through footage and stuff like that. Because they can see the camera angle and this year because they did a lot of insider stuff and a lot of Facebook stuff, Facebook live and things like that. There’s a lot more cameras going on, so he’s gonna be able to kind of tell where that picture came from, and he’s gonna be able to tell at some point who that athlete is. And they’ll get a little bit ousted for that, because that was just really really uncool.

And the fact that Julian’s gonna make money off that is ridiculous and it’s one of the more scumbag things I’ve ever seen. So you know I don’t have anything else nice to say about that. I really don’t and I think there should be severe repercussions for that. Because if we can’t trust each other then who can we trust? I mean when you’re in the bubble there’s nobody there. There’s nobody there to help us. We had to help each other, so when you’re warming up, or you’re trying to put on your tacky, or trying to put just trying to put your shirt on, when you got all your gear on, we all had to take care of each other. And for that to happen, it just wasn’t really cool.

But all in all, I’m going to tell you this is one of my best experiences the world’s strongest man. The food was good, the hotel was nice, the IMG academy was amazing, even after being hit by a hurricane. That the Legacy Hotel was top-notch, it was good stuff. World’s strongest man got ice tubs for first time really this year. So if the guys were overly hot or they just needed ice, should go jump in the ice tub which was really cool. I mean it just slowly keeps getting better, and I have to take my hats off to them, for how hard they’ve worked over the years to do that.

And it was pretty neat, pretty refreshing and it might not be perfect, but it’s the best we have and it just keeps getting a little better, a little better, and a little better. So eventually a lot of the stuff were, we had it really bad at the beginning of our careers, and it just keeps getting a little bit better and a little bit better and the kids won’t understand exactly how bad it was in the past. But it’s still really cool and it’s refreshing to see that they just want to keep making it a better show as much as possible.

We all have to deal with the fact that there’s a hurricane, we all have to do the fact that there was Covid and things were to change on the fly. And that’s just how it is. You can either accept it and have a positive attitude and go after it, or you can be negative about it and let it bring you down and you’re going to suffer for it. And all in all by me and a lot of the guys we chose to accept it and appreciate the things that were right and the things that were good. So I just want to say thank you to all the guys, and say thank you for you to watch this. If you enjoyed this, if you have any questions, please comment down below. The stuff I can answer I will, and give a like, subscribe, so you don’t miss any further posts. And as always train hard, train smart, be the best you can be.

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World’s Strongest Man 2020 Updates, Drama, and More…

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